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Orange Square Movers Customers can always rely on our storage services.
Your belongings can be picked up and unloaded into our warehouse until your final destination is ready for the move in.
We can save your item in storage

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Orange Square Movers can satisfy all of your storage needs and take good care of your shipment while in transit.

1. Featuring temperature-controlled, humid-controlled and alarm-secured facilities
2. Storage charges are prorated based on weekly increments and calculated by the volume of your shipment.
3. Professional organizing and creating detailed inventory
4. Call us now to get more information on how your shipment can be stored with Orange Square Movers.
5. Label systems and tracking numbers.

6. General Leability Insurance up to $1,000.000.00

7. Declaration of value

8. Multiple insurance options including a full value replacement coverage of your shipment

9. Expedited delivery

10. Live online tracking of your shipment

We can save your item in storage
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People of Colorado love moving with Orange Square Movers!
5 etoiles trustpilotIcone Google Review

Their team did outstanding work for us
Alex and Ray two showed up early and went to work, and they worked hard and quickly!

Jake R.
5 etoiles trustpilotIcone Google Review

extremely professional and capable moving company
Everything went very well, they were timely, and everything arrived in good order

Susan K.
5 etoiles trustpilotIcone Google Review

Thank you!!  It was the least stressful move I ever had
We moved our huge house from Denver to  Vegas and I must say that these people exceeded my expectations

Daniel D.
5 etoiles trustpilotIcone Google Review

I used their service some time ago.
So I knew my belongings were in good hands. Just like last time, everything was delivered safely and right on time.

Sharon D.
5 etoiles trustpilotIcone Google Review

Ray, Ernesto & Alex are the best moving team ever!!
Very professional, friendly and took such great care of our furniture! Their quote was great and accurate and we had zero problems with them.

Charles B.
5 etoiles trustpilotIcone Google Review

Incredible experience!
The movers were fast, efficient, professional, and very kind. Moving is very stressful and they made the whole experience 100x better. Would definitely recommend!!

5 etoiles trustpilotIcone Google Review

Can recommend.
I was looking for a company to help me move from  Denver to Austin and my friend recommended reaching out to them. It was great to meet their entire team and I had a true pleasure of working with them

Esme E.
5 etoiles trustpilotIcone Google Review

Thank you to Andrei from the office for his flexibility and readiness to help, and to Ernesto and Alex from the moving team for their carefulness, professionalism, and punctuality.

Daniel F.
5 etoiles trustpilotIcone Google Review

Orange Square Movers were the best!
I can’t say enough positive things about them.  From start to finish, they were professional, friendly and hard working.

Scott W.
5 etoiles trustpilotIcone Google Review

They also did an amazing job packing!
I used Orange Square Movers for my move from Colorado to Oregon. It was struggle for us because it was 5 bedroom home that we had to move.

5 etoiles trustpilotIcone Google Review

Orange square movers was great!
They help me I’ve from Colorado to California and ir was an amazing experience considering this was my first state to state move. They movers were very friendly and super flexible with me.

Sarah E.

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