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Do You Have Questions ?
We have answers ( well, most of the times!)

Below you'll find answers to the most common questions you may have. If you still can't find the answer you're looking for, just contact us 720-439-9070

  • When should I call a moving company?
    The earlier, the better. Although the actual truck assignment may not be made until a few days before your move, it’s a good idea to give your moving company four to six weeks notice, if possible. The more lead time you can give, the more likely we will be able to meet your preferred delivery schedule. All moving companies, for their standard service, require flexibility with alternate pickup and delivery dates. Orange Square Movers aspires to meet your preferred dates or the nearest possible alternatives. You will be notified in advance of the loading date for your goods and of the estimated date of arrival. If your pickup and delivery dates are critical, due to a lease expiration or real estate closing, you may choose an extra-cost service which will enable us to accommodate a more precise schedule. You should discuss your specific pickup and delivery requirements with your Moving Consultant, who can advise you regarding the types and costs of services available. If you decide to move with Orange Square Movers, a move coordinator will be assigned to you. This person will help you select services (if needed) and can answer any questions you may have throughout the entire process..
  • How do I book a move with Orange Square Movers?
    There are several ways to plan and book a move with Orange Square Movers: Click here to begin your quote. Schedule your move survey. Complete the move survey and select your services. Receive your moving quote and plan your move! If you decide to move with Orange Square Movers, a Moving Consultant will be assigned to you. This person will help you select moving services (if needed) and answer any questions you may have throughout the entire process.
  • Does Orange Square Movers require deposits to book a move?
    Upon booking, a deposit of 30% of the total is required in the form of Electronic Check, Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express (exact deposit amount determined on a job by job basis).
  • What forms of payment does Orange Square Movers accept?
    Upon booking, a deposit of 30% of the total is required in the form of Electronic Check, Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express (exact deposit amount determined on a job by job basis). Upon pickup, 40% of the remaining balance or 70% of the total is due in the form of Visa, Master Card, Postal Money Order, or Cash (any in person, on site credit/ debit card payments are subject to a 3% admin fee) payable to Orange Square Movers. Per federal regulations, all charges are required to be paid before your shipment is unloaded at destination by ZELLE, CASH or POSTAL MONEY ORDER only.
  • I need to add and/or remove items from my move plan. What should I do now?
    Contact your Moving Consultant if you need to add or subtract any items from your move plan. He/she can assist you with any changes or updates. Keep in mind your cost estimate may change.
  • My move date changed . What should I do?
    The Cancelling or Rescheduling of your move must be submitted in writing by the customer at least three (3) business days prior to service date, in order for the deposit to be fully refundable and to avoid a rescheduling fee of $200.00.
  • How long does it take to move?
    This depends on many factors, such as the time of year, weather conditions, size of your shipment, time required to load and unload, and the direction and distance your shipment is traveling. Because the furnishings of the average household will not fill a truck, it is often necessary for two or more shipments to be loaded on the same truck. Each shipment is carefully sectioned off from the others. With the help of Orange Square Movers computer-assisted dispatching system, pickup and delivery dates are scheduled according to the origins and destinations of individual shipments on the trucks, as well as shipment size.
  • Am I protected against loss or damage while my goods are in transit?
    Yes, but how much protection you have and its cost to you depend upon the United “valuation” program you choose – Full-Value Protection or Released Value Liability (60 cents per pound per article). The valuation option you select determines the basis upon which any claim will be adjusted and establishes the maximum liability of Orange Square Movers. The liability of Orange Square Movers for loss or damage is based upon Orange Square Movers tariffs, as well as federal laws and regulations, and has certain limitations and exclusions. Valuation is not insurance; it is simply a tariff-based level of motor carrier liability. If you desire insurance, you should consult your insurance company representative about available insurance coverages, because Orange Square Movers does not offer insurance. Full-Value Protection Under this protection plan, if any article is lost, destroyed or damaged while under Orange Square Movers interstate authority, it will either 1) repair the article to the extent necessary to restore it to the same condition as when it was received by Orange Square Movers or pay you for the cost of such repairs; or 2) replace the article with an article of like kind and quality or pay you for the cost of such a replacement. An additional charge applies for this option and is included upfront in every estimate. Orange Square Movers will determine the appropriate settlement method to be used. Orange Square Movers total liability for loss or damage will not exceed the amount you declare as the value of your shipment. However, the minimum total declared value must be at least equal to the weight of your shipment multiplied by $6.00 per pound. Released Value Liability (basic protection) With this type of valuation, Orange Square Movers maximum liability for loss or damage to any article in the shipment is 60 cents multiplied by the weight of the article. This is the basic liability level and is provided at no charge.
  • What type of packing/unpacking services do you offer?
    At the time of your move, you can choose to pack as much or as little as you want. We can pack the entire shipment, pack only a portion of your belongings or you can pack everything yourself. Orange Square Movers is here to personalize your move process and make this transition as smooth as possible. If you’re interested in our packing services, you can discuss options with your salesperson during your in-home estimate. Your Moving Consultant can also go over these services or feel free to browse our packing options. Orange Square Movers offers different packing services to fit all types of moves and budgets.
  • Can I move jewelry and other valuables?
    Items of extraordinary value such as jewelry, money, photographs, antiques and stamp collections can be included in your shipment, provided you notify your Moving Consultant of these items before packing or moving day. However, we strongly recommend that you carry irreplaceable and expensive articles with you or make other arrangements for their transport. In the moving industry, items worth more than $100 per pound are considered to be articles of “extraordinary” value. If you are moving items of extraordinary value then complete and sign the High-Value Inventory Form and sign the “Extraordinary (Unusual) Value Article Declaration” box on the Bill of Lading. If no articles of extraordinary value are included in your shipment, simply write “none” on the High-Value Inventory Form and sign it.
  • Do I need to empty out my filing cabinets when I move?
    When the cabinets are made of metal or plastic, two-drawer filing cabinets can be left full. The top two drawers of a 4-drawer cabinet need to be emptied. All lateral file cabinets need to be completely emptied. All drawers need to be emptied in wooden cabinets.
  • Can I leave clothing in my dresser drawers when I move?
    It is generally fine to leave your clothing in your dresser drawers during the move. Be sure to remove anything from the drawers than may roll around or shift during transport, as this can cause damage. If the dresser is particularly large (a triple dresser or part of a large armoire), it is best to at least partially empty it.
  • Will you move my plants?
    Such items can be moved on local moves if properly packed and prepared, but we cannot guarantee the safe transport of live plants, which can be traumatized by motion or temperature extremes inside the moving truck. We cannot transport live plants on long distance moves.
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